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• Recurrent Invoices
• Unlimited Packages
• Unlimited Service Plans
• Custom Invoices
• Outstanding Balances
• CDR Mediation
• Customer Subscriptions
• Customer Statements

CRM &  Customer Ticketing

• Unlimited Projects and Tasks
• Unlimited Customer Tickets
• Web Based or Email Client Customer Ticketing

CMS & Shopping Cart

• Telephony DIDs/Service plans ordering
• Content Role Based Administration
• Unlimited Website Pages
• Website Content Management
• Unlimited Shopping Cart Items
• Professional, Instant & Bespoke Designs
• Custom Search Engine Marketing
• Files Upload & Manipulation
• Images Security

Customer Accounts
• Accounts Based Content
• Unlimited Account Types
• Account Search
• Account View by Status and Type
• System to Account(s) Messages
• Call Spend and Call Billed View
Products and Services

• Unlimited Prices
• Unlimited Categories and Items
• Time and Quantity Based Discounts
• Display Modes and Publishing Option
• Small, Large and Zoom Images
• Item Add-ons
• Auto PSD Publishing

Switch Integration

• Native PBXware Integration
• Third-Party Switch Mediation & Subscription Support upon Consultation
• Unlimited PBXware or Third-Party Switches
(Network Edition)



Server Edition
Network Edition

  Server Edition
  Network Edition
SIP Security
SIP Monitoring
Trade Shows
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